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About us

www.einrichten-design.de is the online shop of the leading Wuerzburg furnishing house bueroforum, which is specialized in planning and furnishing of objects with high class furniture.

Founded in 1999, we placed our emphasis from the start on high quality consulting and custom-tailored solutions. Beautiful design and innovative products are our passion therefore we needed a matching office building.

In 2004 we moved into our extraordinary office building at the Heuchelhof in Wuerzburg which in the same year received the Antonio-Petrini-Award for outstanding architecture from the City of Wuerzburg. We are really comfortable in the Edith-Stein-Straße 3 at the Heuchelhof and enjoy the view on Wuerzburg! Our showroom and the online-shop team are located in our office building. Entire living rooms are displayed in our showroom.

Our team – Contact persons

We are no call- or service center machine but people, who give advice over the phone,sell the products to you and are taking care that these arrive quick and safely at your address. Our company is managed by Jochen Bähr and Daniel Rüttiger. Moreover commissioning and packing is done personally.

The team of einrichten-design consists of

Sonja Balthasar who is part of the company since its founding in 1999 and leads the onlineshop since 2005. 

Sales and online marketing are here responsibilities. 

Contact Ms. Balthasar by phone +49 931 / 8 09 92 – 210 or by mail sonja.balthasar@einrichten-design.de

Martina Mader who works for the company since 2000 is part of the founders of www.einrichten-design.de. 

Her knowledge of products is nearly endless. She is looking forward to receiving your calls.
Phone number +49 931 / 8 09 92 – 161. Or mails martina.mader@einrichten-design.de

Customer service

Daniela Dusel assists our English speaking customers and loves to sell products by phone: 

+49 931 / 8 09 92 – 216 or mail daniela.dusel@einrichten-design.de.

Franziska Hubert assists our German, English and especially French customers. Phone +49 931 / 8 09 92 – 211 and mail franziska.hubert@einrichten-design.de.

Stefanie Knollmeier completed an apprenticeship as a clerk in office management. Contact her via mail stefanie.knollmeier@einrichten-design.de or via phone +49 931 / 8 09 92 – 215.

Since 2016 Alexandru Dan (alexandru.dan@einrichten-design.de /  +49 931 / 8 09 92 – 217) supports us. 

In October 2016 Birgit Eckenweber (0931/8 09 92 - 213, birgit.eckenweber@einrichten-design.de) joined the customer service. She is supported by Florian Hein (0931/8 09 92 - 212, florian.hein@einrichten-design.de).

Moritz Schmidmeier is completing an apprenticeship as a businessman for office management from autumn 2018. You can reach him by e-mail moritz.schmidmeier@einrichten-design.de.

Online shop content & public relations

Marie-Christin Flöhl is responsible for the coordination and management of the Content and Public Relations division. You can reach her under 0931/8 09 92 - 218 and by e-mail via marie-christin.floehl@einrichten-design.de.

Christin Schlombs cares for the technical aspect, monitoring and entering products and helps out where she is needed (+49 931 / 8 09 92 – 219, christin.schlombs@einrichten-design.de). Kathrin Blatz (+49 931 / 8 09 92 – 221 / kathrin.blatz@einrichten-design.de) and Krista-Maria Szöcs (+49 931 / 8 09 92 - 223 / Krista-Maria.Szoecs@einrichten-design.de) support us at intaking articles.


Dominic Schuberth (+ 49 0931 / 8 09 92 - 222, dominic.schuberth@bueroforum.net) is technical head of our onlineshops.

Georg Kröber works as a programmer for us (+ 49 0931 / 8 09 92 - 100, georg.kroeber@bueroforum.net). 

Benedikt Bradel (+ 49 0931 / 8 09 92 - 185, benedikt.bradel@bueroforum.net) is our IT-Projectmanager. Alexander Bradel (+ 49 0931 / 8 09 92 - 185,  alexander.bradel@bueroforum.net) supports him. 

Our einrichten-design distribution team

Hannah PallaschAnton BaidinMarkus Liebler and Dennis Stepan pack every parcel and ship them in time.

Since 2016 Mircea Mirel Fanea works in part-time in our distribution team. From autumn 2018 Marvin Slodczyk supports the team additionally as a trainee.

And our driver Jeff Stone, who drives by in one of our own sprinters, takes care of ensuring that your orders arrive safely at your home.

The distribution team can be reached by phone: +49 931 / 8 09 92 – 250.

They accept, control and commission the products. Moreover they pack the parcelsand pallets thus doing the whole online-shop logistic. If needed they are supported by our assembly team, e. g. when huge deliveries and assemblies are required in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

The assembly team, which works for the “Office and Living” branch consists of 8 members. Andreas Menth and Markus Liebler work daily from 07:00 am. to 4:00 pm. Delivery time is subject to the size of the product and the destination, therefore we areusing various shipping means. Mainly we are shipping the products with our forwarding agent Kuehne + Nagel and DHL. We also use HMT, a moving company specialized in furniture shipping and UPS. Sometimes we ourselves deliver your orders. You can reach the team by phone +49 931 / 8 09 92 – 200 or by mail info@einrichten-design.de