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For the perfect atmosphere: designer luminaires

Well illuminated

Pendant luminaires

Whether a magnificent chandelier or a simple lamp shade - a pendant luminaire can be a great eye-catcher in any room and provide suitable light above the table. 

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Bright joy

Table lamps

Whether you use your table lamp on the bedside table, a little table by the armchair to read a book or to illuminate your desk for your home office - always a bright delight! 

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Atmospheric light

Floor lamps

With a beautifully shaped floor lamp, you can enhance any room, even when it is switched off. But it is precisely their light that can create a great atmosphere. 

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Lighting from above and the side

Wall and ceiling luminaires

A lot can be achieved with lighting: Rooms can not only appear brighter but also larger and cosier. Wall and ceiling luminaires are ideal for this purpose because they take up less space. 

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In wind and weather

Outdoor lights

Cosy hours in the fresh air are especially pleasant in summer. And when dusk falls, you can easily create a great atmosphere with our outdoor luminaires. This way you can enjoy sitting together even late at night.

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Portable light

Battery lights

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use - our designer battery lamps are equipped with rechargeable batteries. So you can take the shapely light bringers with you wherever you go - perfect for long evenings in the fresh air!

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Luminaires - immediately available

Are you looking for a luminaire that will inspire you in your home as soon as possible? Then take a look at our luminaires available for immediate delivery. There you will find a large selection of design pieces that leave our warehouse on weekdays within 24 hours and thus arrive at your home quickly! 

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Guide: Luminaires

A feel-good atmosphere is impossible without light. Light is more than just the incidence of holiness through the window. Light not only fulfils its function, it also influences the effect of a room.

In lighting, a distinction is usually made between general or ambient lighting, task or zone lighting and accent lighting. You can plan your lighting and thus also your atmosphere. With general lighting, you determine the brightness in the room, with zone lighting, you highlight individual areas and with accent lighting, highlights are set.

With our "Lighting Guide", we would like to give you five tips.

Step 1 - Determining requirements

What we do in a room determines the need for light. Basically, every room should be equipped with nice, bright basic lighting. If different brightness levels are needed throughout the day, the light source can be equipped with a "dimmer". 

A mix of floor, pendant, ceiling or wall luminaires gives you flexibility and creates beautiful accents. So think about what you want to use the room for, when and how, and what mood you want to create. If you are in the process of designing your house, here's another tip: plan a few more sockets.

Step 2 - Indirect lighting

An indirect artificial light source is recommended for work surfaces. Especially for bright surfaces such as the kitchen worktop or desk, this avoids reflections. Whether in the office or kitchen, indirect lighting enables you to work without glare. In the hallway, we also recommend indirect lighting, for example as a wall or ceiling luminaire.

 In the bathroom, mirror lighting is of great importance. To ensure that your face is illuminated evenly and without shadows, two identical lamps should be mounted on the left and right or above and below the mirror. If you have a large mirror surface, lighting from all sides is advisable. If you would like to transform your bathroom into a wellness oasis, why not try an indirect luminaire in a wall niche?

Step 3 - Staging with light

A uniformly illuminated room often looks monotonous and resembles the atmosphere of a waiting room. Light can and must have an effect. Create islands of light by illuminating the room differently and highlighting particularly beautiful details. This can be done with a beautiful floor lamp in a reading corner, indirect lighting of a plant or a spotlight on a particularly beautiful picture.

Design lamps are also illuminants and home accessories at the same time. Thus, a beautiful pendant luminaire can also be an eye-catcher in the room. When choosing your lamps, also consider the specific conditions in the room, such as wall colour, surfaces and colour scheme of furniture.

Step 4 - Saving energy with light

For decades, the incandescent lamp was the classic among illuminants. Since 2009, it has been gradually phased out of the market. Energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps and LED lamps are the energy- and cost-saving successors. Light sources are available in many shapes and light colours. The higher purchase price is amortised both by the longer life and by the energy costs saved. 

With energy-saving lamps, it is important to consider the light colour. The colour "extra-warm white" is particularly suitable for bedroom lighting and small table lamps, "warm white" generally for a pleasant atmosphere in a living room, "neutral white" is suitable for kitchens and workrooms and "daylight white" spreads a cool light and is mainly suitable for rooms that do not have daylight.

Step 5 - Light for outdoors

Luminaires for outdoors show the way after dark. They illuminate the entrance, the stairs or the house number. In addition, outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your terrace or balcony even after dark. At the same time, you can also set accents here and illuminate parts of the garden or a water area, for example. 

Similar to indoor lighting, there are different types of luminaires, such as a floor lamp, base lamp, ground recessed spotlight, torches or table lamp. For outdoor use, please note that the luminaires should be weatherproof and waterproof.

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