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Guide: Luminaires

A comfortable atmosphere without light is impossible. Light is more than incidence through a window. Light not only fulfills its function, but also influences the ambience.
Illumination is usually divided into general or basic lighting, local or zone lighting and accent lighting. You can plan your illumination and thus your atmosphere. With basic light you determine the brightness in the room, with the zone lighting you can illuminate individual areas and with the accent lighting you can set highlights.
With our "Luminaire guide" we want to give you five tips.

Step 1 - Assessment of demand

What we do in a room determines the light requirement. Basically, each room should be equipped with a beautiful, bright basic lighting. Should different brightness be needed during the day the light source can be provided with a "dimmer". A mix of standing, hanging, ceiling and wall lights gives you flexibility and sets a nice accent. Consider therefore for what you use the room, when and which mood you want to create. If you are currently designing your home, then another tip: Plan a few socket-outlets more.

Step 2 - Indirect lighting

An indirect artificial light source is recommended for work surfaces. Especially with bright surfaces like the kitchen counter or desk, a reflection is thus avoided. Whether in the office or in the kitchen, with indirect lighting you can work without glare. In the hallway, we recommend equally indirect lighting, such as wall or ceiling lamp. In the bathroom mirror lighting is of great importance. To ensure that your face is illuminated evenly and without shadow two identical lamps should be located left and right or above and below the mirror. With a large mirror surface illumination from all sides is recommended. Would you like to transform your bathroom into a spa oasis, then try installing a lamp with indirect light in a wall niche.

Step 3 - Playing with light

An evenly-lit room often seems monotonous and has the charm of a waiting room. Light can and must act. Create islands of light by illuminating the space differently, emphasizing particularly beautiful details. This can be done with a beautiful floor lamp in a reading corner, indirect lighting for a plant or a spot on a very pretty picture. Designer lamps are illumination and home accessories at the same time. Thus a beautiful pendant light can be an eye-catcher in the room. Also keep in mind when choosing your lamps, the specific conditions in the room, such as wall paint, finishes and colour of furniture.

Step 4 - Energy saving with light

For decades, the bulb was the classic among illuminants. Since 2009 it was gradually taken off the market. Energy saving lamps, halogen lamps and LED lights are the energy and cost-saving successor. Bulbs come in many shapes and light colours. The higher purchase price pays for itself both by the longer life as well as by the savings in energy costs. For energy-saving lamps, the light colour should be noted. The hue of "extra-warm white" is particularly suitable for bedroom lighting and small table lamps, "warm white" generally creates a pleasant atmosphere in a living room, "cool white" is suitable for kitchens and work spaces and "daylight white" spreads a cold light and is suitable mainly for rooms that have no natural light.

Step 5 - Light for outdoor

Lights for outdoor show the way in the dark. They illuminate the entrance, the staircase and the house number. In addition, you can use an outdoor lighting after dark to enjoy your patio or balcony. At the same time, you can accentuate and illuminate parts of the garden or a pond surface. Similarly as in the interior, there are different types of lights, such as a floor lamp, base lamp, ground recessed spotlight, torches or table lamps. Please note that outdoors the lamps should be weather and waterproof.

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