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Robust seat shell, beautiful sitting: The Eames plastic / Fiberglass chair

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GUIDE: Eames Plastic Chair by Vitra - Design Ray and Charles Eames

The chair family Eames Plastic Chair from the designer furniture manufacturer Vitra counts as one of the most popular and top-selling chair models worldwide, in our online shop as well!

What is to be considered and decided when buying we have summarized for you:

Step 1

Firstly the decision which model you want.

The most common models are as follows:

Model DSR
Chair without armrests, 'Eiffel frame'
Model DSX
Chair without armrests, four-leg frame
Model RAR
Frame rocking chair, skids wood shell with armrests
Model DAX
Chair with armrests, four-leg frame
Model DSW
Chair without armrests, 'Eiffel frame' with wooden legs
Model DAR
Chair with armrests, frame 'Eiffel frame'
Model DAW
Chair with armrests, 'Eiffel frame' with wooden legs

Step 2


If the chairs are intended for carpet we recommend plastic slides. For all other floor types like tiles, parquet, stone or linoleum we advise you to use felt slides. These will prevent scratches on your floor.

Step 3

Seating height

The Eames Plastic Chair was designed and first produced in the 1950s. Because humans were smaller back then compared to today, a seat height of 41,5 cm was chosen. Therefore this seating height can be too low for some people, Vitra produces the chairs also in the more popular seating height of 43 cm.

Our tip: Before you buy we advise you to measure the height of your table. The following height relations serve as a rough guideline:

  • Seating height 41,5 cm: suitable for table height of 72 cm
  • Seating heat 43 cm: suitable for table height of 74 cm

Step 4

Fixed cushion or seat pad

hey sign

Felt pads with anti-skid coating. On stock normally, reasonably priced, small colour range.


Seat pads with high-quality anti-skid coating, 3 – 4 weeks delivery time, more expensive than Hey Sign, large colour range.

Vitra: Seat Dots

Round and padded allrounders in polyester. Price like Parkhaus seat pads. Normally on stock.


Moreover models with fixed seat cushion or padding for seat and back.

Seat pad Hey Sign
Parkhaus seat pad Eames Plastic Chair
Vitra Seat Dots

Step 5

Range of use: Indoors or Outdoors?

For most models an outdoor version is available. These are always without upholstery and are different regarding the frame.

With the metal frame version only the black powdercoated is suitable for outdoor use. The chrome version is not intended for outdoor use!

The plastic seating shell is suitable for outdoors. However especially the colourful ones can still fade in colour when exposed to UV radiation.

Do you have further questions?

We are glad to help you.

You can reach the sales team: Phone +49 (0)931 46798-28, or by email info@einrichten-design.co.uk.

Eames Plastic / Fiberglass Chair
Minimal Price: £9.70