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Soulbottle Trinkflasche verschiedene Motive Soulbottles-Jellyfish in the Bottle

Color Soulbottles Jellyfish in the Bottle


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Stylish thirst quencher: the Soulbottle water bottles made of high quality glass from Soulbottles.

Soulbottles is a pleasant counterpart to the classic water bottles made of plastic. Hardly drunk, most disposable bottles are thrown into the waste paper basket. Sustainability looks different: with Soulbottles even in style!

High quality and low-cost

At Soulbottles you do not have to do without drinking bottle comfort. The Soulbottle glass bottles have a practical carrying handle, are leak-proof, carbon acid-resistant and dishwasher safe. And you save money with the design water bottles as well, after all, no water is cheaper than the one from the pipe.

Good to know: In 40% of the water bottles, conventional tap water is held, keyword: table water.

Great water

However, the witty bottles have a lot more to offer: from each sold bottle, 1 Euro is given to the drinking water project of Viva con Agua. The not-for-profit association Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. is focussed on the fact that people around the world have access to clean drinking water.

Different prints

You can choose from 5 different prints: "Heimat.Wasser", "Fill your Life with Soul", "Jellyfish in the Bottle", "Girl with Chewing Gum" and "Kois". The beautiful designs are scratch-proof, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. Apart from "Girl with Chewing Gum", every Soulbottle is made in Germany. On the lid top is the Soulbottles logo. Small tip: The pretty Soulbottles are also a great gift.

Material and size

The design glass bottles are made of various -high quality - materials: glass, ceramic, stainless steel and natural rubber. The colour of the rubber may vary. Soulbottle is 26 cm high, has a diameter of 7.5 cm and a filling capacity of 600 milliliters. In contrast to the plastic version, no softeners are used so you can enjoy the drinking taste of Soulbottles.

Interesting facts about plastic

- Every year 35 billion plastic bottles are thrown in oceans and landfill sites

- Many sea-dwellers eat the plastic parts and die from them

- Only one out of ten plastic bottles are recycled worldwide

- Until a PET bottle rottes it takes about 450 years 

Great that Soulbottles exist...

Product number: SOULBOTTLES SB2G06 26
Manufacturer Soulbottles
Hersteller/EAN-Nummer 4260364830378
Shipping method Normal parcel shipment
Material Glas, Keramik, Edelstahl und Naturkautschuk
Material Glas, Keramik, Edelstahl und Naturkautschuk
Materialfilter metal
Höhe (cm) 26
Durchmesser (cm) 7.5

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