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Triangle Kleiderbügel Roomsafari-silber


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Triangle Kleiderbügel Roomsafari-weiß

Color Roomsafari white


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Clothes hangers of a different kind: the minimalist Triangle clothes hangers from Roomsafari fulfill their purpose perfectly and are also real eye-catchers. Here in our Onlineshop you can order the designer clothes hangers in silver, black or white.

Musical clothes hangers

The model for the Triangle clothes hangers by Roomsafari was the music instrument of the same name. In orchestras, this instrument is used sparingly - thanks to its high tone, it has the highest brilliance. The Triangle clothers hangers are sure to turn into glittering lights on your wardrobe!

Since the design clothes hangers from Roomsafari are almost too pretty to disappear behind the wardrobe door, they are ideally suited for use on open clothes stands or wall racks in the hall.

Roomsafari did not use a hook to make the clothes hanger even more like the instrument. That this is not necessary is proved in practice!


Roomsafari is a Berlin-based manufacturer, which produces design products as a department of the VfJ workshops for people with disabilities. For example, Roomsafari offers people who can not work in the general labor market a meaningful job.

Not only in the social sphere, but also in terms of ecology, Roomsafari is at the forefront. In this way, the manufacturer makes sure that resources are used in a material-saving way and that they are easy to transport.

You can order the clothes hangers Triangle and other designs from Roomsafari here in our online shop.

September 3, 2020 14:49

Schick und funktional

Sehr schöne Ware, ein echter Hingucker an der Garderobe. Leider nur sehr viel Umverpackung und überdimensionierter Karton, obwohl jeder Bügel bereits einzeln eingepackt ist. Dies widerspricht dem ökologischen Aspekt von Roomsafari

Product number: ROOMSAFARI 1310 weiss
Manufacturer Roomsafari
Shipping method Normal parcel shipment
Material Silber eloxal, Aluminium pulverbeschichtet
Material Silber eloxal, Aluminium pulverbeschichtet
Breite (cm) 44
Höhe (cm) 23
Abmessung Ø 1 x B 44 x H 23 cm ; <strong>Öffnung:</strong> 4 cm
Triangle Kleiderbügel Roomsafari-silber


In stock


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