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In 184/7 Office Swivel Chair Wilkhahn

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Wilkhahn IN swivel chair is the solution for many people who have to sit for hours.

Sufficient movement is the requirement for health, performance and stress management. But how do I manage this in everyday life? Not only the back is important, but also the joints and discs. The whole organism must be considered!

With the patented 3-D-Kinemastik Trimesion Wilkhahn made a great step forward. The well-known manufacturer has covered new ground in regard to movement sitting. With the swivel chair IN specialists and designer succedded in implement the path-breacking technology.
Perfectly synchronized 3D-dynamic united with extraordinary seating comfort, activates the organism and pushes concentration. Working is more relaxed.

Forward, backward, sidwards or in free rotation movements the trimension of the Wilkhahn IN 184 reacts to smallest weight shifts. Thus the body and the chair are in permanent interaction. The user has the feeling of being held "in the chair" with every movement.

Technical functions:

Swivel chair with mentioned Trimension, integrated, synchro supporting 3D-Kinematik, with which the left and right half can be moved individually through swivel armrests in every direction.
--> The natural movement of our pelvis is supported.
Thanks to the connection of 3D synchro mechanic with highly elastic seat -backrest system the automatic adaption to every movement and sitting postiion of the user is ensured. Thus the body is protected in every
position and stays in balance.

The supporting counterpressue is adaptable steplessly from 45 - 140 kg. You can also order a height adjustable lumbar support (6 click positions).

Seat and backrest can be locked, the 3D-forward tilt is connectible by 5 degree. The seating height can be adjusted through a gas spring steplessly. The seat depth adjustment (about 40 bis 45 cm) can
be delivered along on request. It can be perceived by the short stitchings on the seat.

We offer two different upholsteries:

Racer: The seat is homogen and smooth. High durability, correspondent to the 3D formed cord cover of the backrest.
Formed Cord: same as backrest, seat and backrest are divided with threedimensional depths and looks really sporty.

five star base with glass fibre enforced polyamid (solid black coloured), aluminium die cast polished or high gloss polished.

The armrests are adjustable by 10 cm in 10 click positions. You can also order threedimensional armrests made of black polypropylen.

Cover material:

  • 37/Racer: 100% Polyester

Product number: WILKHAHN 0018407
Manufacturer Wilkhahn
Shipping method Forwarding agent

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